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Our Mission...


To provide a place for self-discovery, creative learning and exploration opportunities for all ages - embracing yesterday, today, and tomorrow... one exciting adventure at a time.



Our Purpose...


Support the educational needs of children, families and schools by providing discovery, creativity, learning, adventure, and exploration opportunities.


Meet community needs by providing a safe, fun-filled, family-oriented hands-on interactive learning environment focused on introducing young children to the elements of science, art, and history.


Provide a place for children to share, see, touch, and truly experience their place in the world around them.

At Kansas Kids Museum, we provide a variety of activities that incorporates fun and learning! When you visit, you can expect to experience some of the following hands-on exhibits:


  • Earth Science Studies - tailored for different ages (rocks, minerals, water, fossils, etc.)
  • Volcanoes
  • Phosphorescence Dark Box
  • Spectacular Rock Collection
  • Crafts
  • Curiosity Table
  • Child-Sized Community (dress-up, grocery store, home play, health center, school, etc.)

And much more...


Be sure to check our Events calendar for special activities!



Tuesday - Saturday

10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.



Admission Fee

$3.00 each (big or little)



Saturday Specials

1st Saturday of Each Month -

Grandparents with children get a FREE adult admission


2nd Saturday of Each Month -

Adult who has a library card & are with a child/children get a FREE adult admission


3rd Saturday of Each Month -

Adult with a foster/adoptive family get a FREE adult admission


4th Saturday of Each Month -

Adults with a Big Brother/Big Sister ID card, and are with a “Little,” get a FREE “Big” admission




New Year’s Day (Jan. 1st)

Independence Day (July 4th)

Thanksgiving Day (4th Thursday in Nov.)

Christmas Eve (Dec. 24th)

Christmas Day (Dec. 25th)


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